Weyburn Area Heritage Village
(424-10th Ave. South – Located south of the Signal Hill Arts Centre)
  • Heritage Village is a replica of a village community from the turn of the century up to the 1940’s. Buildings and artifacts make up a collection that will take you back in time. Give your senses a workout as you see, hear, feel and taste the past!

  • Hours of Operation
    May – August
    1:00 – 8:00 pm
    Open 7 days a week

  • Admission
    5 & Under - Free
    Children ( 6 - 12 ) - $2.00
    Youth ( 13 - 17 ) - $3.00
    Adults - $5.00
    Seniors ( 65+ ) - $3.00

  • For more information or to book a tour please contact 842-6377 or email wneiszner@weyburn.ca
Weyburn Crocus Tour
  • You can call to learn about the Weyburn Crocus Tour at (306) 842-2922 or (306) 848-3217, which operates year round. Begin this fascinating 12-stop driving tour of Weyburn's historic sites by following the crocus signs that start at the Soo Line Historical Museum, which provides a guide booklet of the Crocus Tour for free. This tour includes stops at W.O. Mitchell's former residence, Weyburn's first and second hospitals, the original Calvary Baptist Church where T.C. 'Tommy' Douglas preached prior to his political career, the Power House Museum (a.k.a. Soo Line Museum), the King George Hotel, the Weyburn Security Bank, the Souris Valley Regional Care Centre, the Turner Curling Museum, the original W.O. Mitchell residence, the Big Wheel, Weyburn's Court House, Weyburn's first post office, the Salemka Residence (a world renowned opera singer originally from Weyburn), the Powell residence, Signal Hill, Signal Hill Arts Centre, Weyburn's Water Tower, and Heritage Village. The Crocus Tour's inspiration comes from the W.O. Mitchell series "Jake and The Kid", which was set in a community called "Crocus". The Tour provides you with a wonderful historical glimpse of the city of Weyburn and its people.
Turner Curling Museum
  • Located at 530 - 5th St. NE, the Turner Curling Museum is open year round for its visitors. It is Canada's first curling museum and includes memorabilia of the sport of curling from around the world, including 18,000 curling pins, 200 crests, 300 curling books, 200 photos of rinks, 75 curling stones (ranging in weight from 17 to 62 pounds), a variety of brooms, sweaters, tams, and a great deal more. It is named after its founders, Don and Elva Turner, who began collecting curling memorabilia in their basement until the collection grew to a size that it warranted a larger location. The Turner collections were moved to their current location adjacent to the Weyburn Leisure Centre and the Museum was officially opened there in November of 1990. The Turner Curling Museum accepts items for display and has a large collection of pins for trade or sale. Its hours of operation are Saturday and Sunday 2-5pm, it provides limited wheelchair accessibility, and special tours can be arranged to view the museum. Admission is free but donations are gratefully accepted. For further information, phone (306) 842-3604 or (306) 848-3283.
Signal Hill Arts Centre
  • Open year round, the Signal Hill Arts Centre is the home of arts and cultural groups in Weyburn and is located at 424 - 10th Ave. S. The second floor of the Arts Centre is the home of the Prairie Gallery, which provides monthly exhibits that feature local and touring artists. Within the Centre, you will also find a gift shop, pottery studio, and photography dark room. The Centre provides art and leisure programs for all age groups year round. The Centre's hours of operation are July and August, Monday to Friday 9am - 12noon and 1 - 5pm, September to June, Monday to Thursday 9am - 12noon and 1-10pm, Friday 9am - 12noon and 1-4pm, and is closed on statutory holidays. The gift shop is open regular hours as well as on weekends in July and August. Admission is free although donations are gratefully accepted. The Centre has wheelchair accessibility throughout 1 - 4th floors and is also a member of the Museums Association of Saskatchewan. You can acquire further information by calling (306) 848-3278 or (306) 848-3271.
Allie Griffin Art Gallery
  • Located in the lower level of the Weyburn Public Library is the Allie Griffin Art Gallery, a member of the Museums Association of Saskatchewan and the OSAC(Organization of Sask Arts Councils). It is open all year round and features monthly exhibits by various local, regional, and provincial artists. Regular Hours are: Mon - Thursday: 9:30 am - 8:30 pm; Fridays & Saturdays: 9:30 am - 6 pm; Sundays 1 - 5 pmSummer Hours are: Monday to Saturday 9:30 am - 6 pm Closed Sundays. Group bookings are available, wheelchair access is available. For more information, visit the Gallery at 45 Bison Ave. NE or phone (306) 848-3278 or (306) 842-4352 or email: weyburnartscouncil@live.ca. Visit the website at www.weyburnartscouncil.ca Free admission but donations welcome. For more information, contact curator, Marnie Bernard at (306) 848-3278
Soo Line Historical Museum
  • Located at 411 Industrial Lane in Weyburn (off of Highway No. 39 East), the Soo Line Historical Museum is open year round for those who wish to visit. This unique museum houses Weyburn and area pioneer and Aboriginal artifacts and the Weyburn and Area Archives. A feature display, at the museum, is the Charles Wilson Silver Collection, which is the largest one person collection known to exist. This collection has approximately 5000 pieces ranging from 1750 - 1972. Both the artifacts and the silver collection are outstanding and the Soo Line Historical Museum is a must see!! The museum also has a gift shop and offers tourist information. The museums hours of opperation are: June to August - Monday to Saturday, 9:00am to 7:00pm, and Sunday 11:00am to 7:00pm. September to May - Monday - Friday, 1:00opm - 5:00p.m. Admission to the Soo Line Historical Museum is: Adults - $5.00 Students - $4.00 Children (12 and under) - $2.00. Limited Wheelchair Access. For tours or additional information, phone (306) 842-2922.
T.C. Douglas Calvery Centre for the Performing Arts
  • The T.C. Douglas Centre, formerly known as the Calvary Baptist Church, is located at 410 10th Avenue S.E. in Weyburn. It was constructed back in 1906, was relocated from its original downtown location to Signal Hill, and became a centre for performing arts for the city of Weyburn. Its official opening was back in October 19, 1991. It serves as a tribute to the late T.C. (Thomas Clement) Douglas (1904 - 1986), who preached at the Calvary Church, was a former Saskatchewan Premier and Federal NDP Party Leader (CCF), not to mention dubbed the 'Father of Medicare'. Tommy was voted “The Greatest Canadian” in 2004. The Centre hosts many activities throughout the year, including a six-week actor training program in the summer for ages 6-60 which culminates in a stage production during the August Wheat Festival, a fall theatre production, Weyburn Music Festival, and houses a T..C. Douglas archive. The Centre’s 2009 summer hours are Sun-Thurs 10am-4pm. You can contact the Centre at (306) 842-7660 or for an after hours tour phone (306) 842-0075.
The Big Wheel
  • A request by the City of Weyburn for a mural depicting Weyburn's history from past to present resulted in what is now known and treasured as The Big Wheel. It is a graphical mosaic of Weyburn's history that includes 10 panels, each panel providing history for various periods in time, beginning with before 1850 to the present. The Wheel is a creation of artist Joan Linley, with assistance provided by Lorna Pennock and Al Wiebe. The wheel itself was constructed of mahogany, weighing in at over a ton and measuring 13 feet in diameter, and is an authentic scaled model of a wagon wheel typical of a historical horse drawn wagon. The panels were constructed with Italian glass tile and are a visual feast of 90 different colors. This stunning work of art is located inside Weyburn's Public Library.

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